Wednesday, November 28, 2007

ROFL!! gasp...for...air...laugh!
I couldn't stop laughing!! especially at the big-digger-truck-whateveryoucallit.

خيانة زوجية امراءة قحبة

Was surfing YouTube a couple of minutes ago and when i'm bored i usually check the "Videos being watched right now" section. Its the acceptable version of watching behind other people's shoulder kinda thing when i saw this Arabic titled video and a screen capture that looked like a hotel room. Now the 'jaga tepi kain orang" attitude comes out. Manalah tau videoklip tangkap basah ke apa in Saudi Arabia. Nak tau la jugak la kan. Sibuk. Turns out it was a couple of risque mat saleh television ads. Hmmm .... are Arabs that desperate to be turned on that they have to watch tv ads on Youtube? I need a translation for this.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Grey area

"Communication. It's the first thing we really learn in life. Funny thing is, once we grow up, learn our words and really start talking the harder it becomes to know what to say. Or how to ask for what we really need."
Meredith Grey

For someone who have a degree, A DEGREE for God's sake, not just ample knowledge based on observations, empty talks, daily consumptions and actual applications of it, but actual theoretical thoughts, experimentations, thousands of words essays and thesis, and gazillion worth of papers, journal articles and readings on the topic of communications, i seem to be at loss to express my own thoughts at times, especially at a certain someone. Meredith Grey, you are spot on.

Speaking of Grey, come on Writer's Guild of America! end your strike so we know what happen to our shows! don't cut it short! i'm already trying to quit 1 addiction, don't make me endure another withdrawal fix!

If the strike continues and all kind of shows gets repeated and movies get canceled, i'm gonna do a Cristina. Seriously? Seriously.

"I am painting Burke's apartment so I can stop calling it Burke's apartment. A happy color. Red. Like blood."

Cristina Yang

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Girl in the Frame

The Girl in the Frame

We were at Banteay Srei, roughly translated as Citadel of Women or Beauty.

I was taking photos of the carvings near the entrance of Bantaey Srei. Suddenly, i turned to face the red coloured sandstone frame entrance and i saw this girl in this beautiful buttercup yellow dress running up the path towards the temple. I didn't know whether she was going to take a path left of the entrance or run into the temple compound but i know if she were to run into the compound, i have to be fast to get her in the frame. And in matter of seconds, i got my shots. Its perfect, her dress, her expression, her eyes. I was already in love with Banteay Srei, and the girl in the frame added to its appeal even more.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Psychotic request

can someone kill me now for being incredibly lazy to post my photographs online? My cambodia photos, my fireworks photos, my raya photos (oh yeah, cant do anything about my raya photos, someone DELETED them, permanently), dan lain lain photos.
kill me.

while you're thinking of killing me, kill him too for deleting my raya photos. You might as well kill two bad birdies with a batu.

Friday, November 16, 2007

The traveling phone

My phone traveled more than me today.
was wondering why today was so sunyi dan sepi.
it was left behind in the car last night and this morning, the car was taken away to a workshop for some windscreen siliconisation. No, its not a valid word, its my word.

Dayang's definition of siliconisation:// Pronunciation

The use of silicone for a wide range of industrial applications, such as the application of silicone rubber to seal chipped windscreens, and for enhancing or replacing certain body parts, such as boobies.

Phone is home. Me miss phone. welcome home phone. Lets go out phone.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The big fight

"Awat hang ni bodoh sangat?!!"
"Oi! orang tak duduk kat amsterdam!"
"Ha!...HAAAA!!! Daaahh dia dah tukaq bahasa Arab dah!!!! OI ORANG TAK CAKAP BAHASA ARAB!"
"Ya Allah Ya Rabi Ya Maulana!"
"Hang ni dah kena masuk setan ka??!"
"Gila! Gila!"

I swear, those were among the words* my mom, my MOM was uttering, shouting and screaming at this little azan radio that was not listening to a word she was saying, nor responding to the way she intended it to.

Apparently, something was very wrong with the little azan radio. It would not be set properly. Maybe because my mom was shouting at it every 5 seconds while she twiddled with it for an hour. would have made a rather funny photo with my mom sitting on the floor poking, twisting and shouting at this small little inanimate object. but i didnt want to be shouted at, not when shes in that mood.

and the little azan radio will not sing its little azan songs 5 times a day.

i had nothing to do with it, even though its Subuh Azan freaks me out, ALWAYS because out of the blue, when its really really quiet in the house, you are lost in time and space, mind focused doing whatever you do when you're awake at 5-6am and then suddenly, SUDDENLY! "ALLAHHU AKHBAR ALLAHHU AKHBAR" blared out ever so loudly from its little speaker! like it was trying to be the little azan radio that could, so it tried its hardest and LOUDEST to let people in the house know its prayer time. Those were the times when words not supposed to be uttered during azan were uttered, accidentally, of course. Astaghfirrullahhaazim.

Subuh Azan should never ever gives someone a near heart attack! hence, i was a bit apprehensive that my mom wanted to use the little azan radio again. Don't they have an azan radio that starts with "Assalammualaikum. Bismillahhirrohmanirrohim. Sekarang tibanya azan menandakan waktu solat Subuh/Zuhur/Asar/Maghrib/Isyak" macam rtm nyer lah. At LEAST i stop getting near heart attacks every morning when im awake and alone in the house when its all quiet. So for now, my mom's one-way words-poke-poke fight has ended. And i can blog without the anxiety attacks.

*(more or less, had to paraphrase the longer sentences coz i was busy laughing to remember the exact words. but she really did shouted out the Bahlol and Toyol)

Friday, November 9, 2007

Colour me blind

A conversation about colours between a man and a woman might go like this


" Yang, do you think i look good in lavender pink, hot pink, rose pink or cherry blossom pink? i don't think my skin can go with shocking pink. So not me. So how yang? lavender pink , hot pink or cherry blossom pink?"


" ...i think you look best in pink"

Of course then kenalah penampar satu, or muka merajuk satu (depending on the male luck) followed with the line

"you ni, you never care what i wear anymore, not like you notice pun! kalau i pakai sarung guni pun you takkan perasan!"

Then kena lah you memujuk and probably make yourself fell guilty enough to buy lavender pink, hot pink, rose pink or cherry blossom pink item for your care.

So to avoid the above situation and to not buy shocking pink items, know your colours by referring to the colour chart below. Have fun!

(From list of colours)

Mataku sudah sparrow.

Actually, I just needed to share my torture in this quest for the perfect colour palette.

... Who would have thought that looking at all those colours makes me love white so much more, since that is all the colour that i can see now, even with the mishmash of colours in front of me, i see white. just white. white spots. everywhere.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

You're engaged fiza!

So another one is engaged. Congrats congrats.

Lingling took photos at Fiza's engagement the other day. So now he's busy editing and whatnots. Only problem is, we're having some comparison issues. Too complicated to explain but i thought if i were to post it here, some light might be shed. Hence, the two photos.

One is too highly saturated for my taste and another is the original photo and which i think is perfect as it is. Only problem, not everyone seeing the same colour saturation. is it my monitor or is it yours?

Monday, November 5, 2007

It's you sayang, sayang and sayang

said "Yang, look here"

I did and i looked towards my three loved ones. They made me smile, like so.
Sayang, my Canon 30D was being held by Lingling who was given the task to be the photographer at Fiza's engagement two days ago. Those are two of my babies, but most importantly, i was smiling at my Babylove, my latest purchase that left me will no money, a Canon Speedlite 580EX II. Top of the range baby, top of the range.

As i was looking at this photo, i immediate thought about another b&w photo of myself taken by Lingling a few months before.

It's amazing how different i looked. The mood i was expressing. The spontaneous smile in the recent one and the melancholic sadness in the other. How amazing someone can make you feel.

Sing a song of sorrow

thats what i remember,
short snippets from countless hours,
A Smile,
of what words couldn't say,
sweet songs of sorrow i would quietly sing,
that were lies,
no longer whole,
Continuous Hope,
i don't know why,
to forget, and be left behind

Alhamdullilah that has passed. It has been left behind.

A song worth singing

when you stumbled over your words,
to cast the friendship away,
A Smile,
slowly in my heart begins to form,
no longer of sorrows but as bright as day,
we’ve tried without laughing,
that dances to the sound of joy,
Continuous Hope,
that I now know why,
when we shall both fly.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

goodbye faithful nikon

It's official...

Opie and Imran are husband and wife. Wowie!

Congratulations and may you stay on the path of happiness and love always.

It's also official...

I am not satisfied with my old Nikon D70 anymore. i tried using it as a secondary camera while Lingling used my Sayang aka Canon 30D. He was the primary photographer at the shoot because i wanted to sibuk buat bende lain, in other words, i wanted to sibuk-sibuk be in the photos jugak la. So since i knew i would not concentrate too much on photos, i decided to take the ol Nikon out for a shoot. ...

Hampeh, i was dissatisfied with the LCD screen - too small!
i was dissatisfied with the colours - not getting what i want. probably because my dad set it to HIS preferred setting and no longer to my previous one. and i forgot how to preset it again for Nikon.
i was no longer familiar with the focus, lense zoom and settings.
i was even dissatisfied with the sound it makes - lembik.

"Baby Nikon, you taught me a lot but i must move on. Thank you for the great photos and memories. Ye shall not be forgotten, as ye photos are never erased (until my hard drive buat hal, touch wood!) "

So i put it aside.

i settled with observing Lingling takes his photos and when i notice he missed something, i not-so-quietly directed him to shoot the shot.

"Yang, mai sini"
"Yang, amik gambar tu"
"Yang, tengah posing ni"

We are a noisy team, but we are a team, a good one :P

Dah la he's extra blur today. Usually he have the same eye as i do, we tend to compete to take the same shoots. Today, it seems he was out of his element, maybe because he was surrounded by excited girls that were all talking about engagements, marriages and weddings, including his own. Hence, i had to direct him a bit more than i usually do whenever he holds the camera and i am without.

Shock of marriage tends to do that to any guy right? either they become entirely blur, unfocused at the task at hand or they just act like they are 15 years old again, all giddy and mengada-gada buat lawak-lawak bodoh yang tak lawak langsung.

Today, he's the blur 25 years old cameraman and i'm the director. took a couple of photos of Fiza then i wanted to sibuk be in the photos again. Coz i wanted to be giddy and mengada-gada. (which is perfectly acceptable for girls at their close friend's engagements and weddings!)