Saturday, April 10, 2010

Moving on to another. Goodbye and thank you

I got married. I got pregnant. I have a beautiful baby girl!

And i have created a new blog after this one have been dormant for so long.
If you are still interested in me, come on by to Mummylicious Diary (

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Poor Doggie

As I spend another day in New York time (mind you, only the time, havent been to NYC since puberty...or slightly after), i found this that breaks all kind of rules (maybe even laws).

  1. Wearing fur is wrong. You are liable to be covered with red paint. I do not condone wearing a dead animal on your body. But what is PETA say on having a living animal on you?
  2. Dogs are amongst God's creatures that have four legs and the ability to run. I know this little dog looks more like a stuffed animal with its cute face and short stubby legs, but I've seen the same spesies chase a kid. So i know this one is able to run, fast! Unless, it really is a stuffed animal that is being taken for a jog. ...which is...weird..too.
  3. Anyone who knows anyone who knows the rules of fashion knows that fanny-pack is bad. B.A.D = NO. Dont do it. No matter what you have to carry.

Photo from shefinds


Happy New Year! its still early January, can still wish! now to the nitty gritty.

I have a habit of randomly pulling a hair or two. Not just any hair but rambut gatal

In english, its roughly translated into itchy hair. Actually, i dont know what the hell it is in english. All i know they (they = the English) calls the habit Trichotillomania (i had to Google that to get the spelling right because come on! i'm sure no one can get the spelling right without references or a spellcheck!).

Now i'm not sure picking out rambut gatal or a grey hair or two can be diagnose as having tricho-itsmathing, plus i dont have obvious bald spots, do it unconsciously and pull healthy hairs out. Its those persistent itchy spot that have this really-really rough-i-kid-you-not-frizzy-to-death-coarse hair that drives me crazy.

Problem is, to get to this single hair out of the many hundreds that reside at one spot of your hair, you kinda tenda accidentallya pulls out more than the necessary amount of healthy hair out. coz your deria-rasa at your fingertips turns weird, and everything feels coarse. When THAT happens a bit too much and too long, it turns into tricho-thingymajing.

Now what got me blogging after a long sabbatical?

I found a bona-fide rambut gatal that fits into all description of rambut gatal, was the mother of all rambut gatal! It was extra extra coarse, has Nicole Kidman's pre-dryblowing and product curl on my wavy hair has split end.

Told ya its the mother of rambut gatal.

Zul still havent recovered from my trip to the hair salon less than a month ago, dare he allow for a before scheduled appointment?

THAT made me blog again. until my next sabbatical that is.


Friday, November 14, 2008

you know when...

You know you're in love when...

it was in the middle of the night, your husband was out for a drink. You called him up from while lazing in bed...'i'm hungry. i'm tasting maggi in a cup. kari'.

so then you wait. hear the door unlocking. due to your absorbance with the book you were reading (Nicholas Spark, The Lucky One. review. not his best work. didn't make cry as much as others. just wetted the eyes. digressing!). ..due to your reading, you told yourself, ' I go down to kitchen after this chapter. after this page.'...

but less than 2 mins, your husband comes up and in the room, and in his hand, an open lidded maggi in a cup with steam coming out from it. he poured hot water in the maggi in a cup before coming up! thus, saving you the trip down. even poured the kari in and the folded fork was straightened!

awwww. shweetheart.

if I had confidence, I could have had maggi in a cup for supper in bed. but its maggi. hot. not good to eat in bed.

Friday, October 24, 2008

wishing for the office

" I should have gone back to the office. I should" that is what im thinking at 4pm while having my very very late lunch alone at the apartment on a friday, a day ahead of a long long weekend. ITS A BAD THOUGHT TO HAVE ON A FRIDAY BEFORE A LONG WEEKEND! but that's the thought im having because I am dead bored waiting for zul to pick me up. so bored that I am blogging from my mobile. that just show how bored I am. actually to be wishing that I am back in the office show how bored I am. but think of how much work I could accomplish if I were back in the office. so much work that I woukd actually be bored in the office on tuesday with no work to do. ...not to say I have no work. but I tend to do them quicker than the average office worker ie org gomen that it seems I have no work except sipping coffee at starbucks while everyone slowly trunches thru their paperwork. I really should try to slow down my efficiency, at least I be on the same timetable as the rest of the people whose efficiency I have to rely upon to get my own work done. sip coffee. slowly. that's what I should do more. you see, most of my scope involves the smooth processing of the company's invoices. talk with clients, deruffles some feathers and issues. talk with engineers to find out the problems faced with a particular invoice. talk with finance to see we are meeting the objectives. I work around these people schedule a lot. and most of them are...well....have a different timetable than I do. so I really have to slow down. but here I am, sipping my second iced water after my coffee trying to delay my work flow to match the rest of the world and yet, wishing I am at the office. I am a sad sad person. bored and sad due to my efficiency. gak!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy 81st MakMak!

"Terima kasih la *sob* suma mai sini" *sob sob* "Makmak tak sangka *sob* anak cucu datang *sob* sambut *and it become incoherent after this with all the sobbing*" That was part of MakMak's surprise birthday speech that i manage to understand.

Happy 81st Birthday MakMak!

MakMak giving her tearful speech.
Getting jiggy with it to show off her new jubah. Who can believe she is 81 years old.

Birthday kisses and hug from a daughter

Birthday kisses from grand-daughters.

Everyone who were free yesterday trotted over to Pak Cik's house at TTDI Jaya to celebrate MakMak, my grandmama's surprise birthday bash. MakMak i believe was under the impression its a routine open house makan-makan at her youngest son, child no. 10 out of 11 home. Zul looked a bit frazed by all the loudness, but he handled it ok. Since it is really hard to get everyone together at one location at the same time, a photo session was called for! unfortunately my parents came late but too bad, we shall try to photoshop their faces somewhere. and yes K. Anne, you're missing from this one too! hehehe. do you want to be photoshop-ed as well?

MakMak surrounded by her sons, daughters, in-laws, grandchildren, a grandchild-in-law (Zul) and grand-grand-children.

Not in the photo: Mak Chak & Pak Chak (in Alor Star), My parents (came late due to a wedding they have to attend), numerous grandchildren and the-in-laws which include K. Heli, K. Anne & A. Fitri, K. Noreen, my older brother, and a number of other grand-grand-children. When will we get to have everyone in the photo, i don't know. This was hard enough.

The inproper photo with a missing Pak Teh.

Happy Birthday MakMak! Squuuueezzeeed by only 5 of her grandchildren.

What i was not expecting was, the number of camwhores we have in the family. ...and one future photographer-to-be. My nephew, K. Lily's one year old son, Sheikh Putra, the photographer wanna be.

Me: "One, two, three, CLICK!"
Sheikh: "An, Uh, Eh, Kik!" and pushes the shutter button.


Ain't he good for a one year old kid? :)

Self potrait of Sheikh Putra:

Of course la i yang pegang camera. Its a DSLR camera with battery grip and flash. I pun letih nak pegang. But...he did the clicking! :)

To family members that didn't make it. More of what you missed below;

When the clock striked midnite of 18 Oct. It was then "Happy Birthday Qistina!"

The Hall of Infamous Camwhores