Monday, April 14, 2008

an obituary

Over a period of 5 days, they slowly gathered. Sometimes only one would arrive in two hours, sometimes a group of 50 would show in seconds, but after that 5 days, there were thousands of them. Some were sad, some were funny, few were crazy, uncountable were beautiful, most were memorable but all were irreplaceable.

Then 2/3 of them went missing and presumed dead simultaneously at an unknown place, at an unknown time. Let us mourn and say our prayers for those that died. Prayers of peace to Dayang's Cambodia photographs that were saved in her external harddisk but never to be seen again. May their memories be preserved by those that survived the heartbreaking event and by Dayang's deteriorating brain cells and memory.

May their souls rest in peace.



it's a sad period of my life. i rather not talk about this for awhile. thank you for your thoughts and prayers.