Monday, September 29, 2008

Drive Safely for Raya

"So Dayang, why do you look so tired this perfect Monday morning?...and you were late to work. You ok?"

"You see, I got news that several of my friends, but not really friends but its like i've known them all my life and we've gone through many many ups and downs together and they are somewhat involved in this terrriiiibble car crash that might or might not means death to some"

"OMG! Seriously? seriously? what happened?"

"Ermm car crash. So i really stayed up all night to find out what happened to them or else my soul would not be at ease. I really couldnt sleep not knowing what would happen to them or how their doctors might save their lives."

"Oh no, i understand! So what happened? when? last night? where? how? where they on the way back for raya?"

"I found out last night..."

"you see..their limo driver lost control of the car they were was snowing and all. And then they went to Seattle Grace Hospital....and i really need to get updates from and ON the doctors themselves!!!! or else i cant sleep!"

Do you think that excuse will hold up with the boss? it is a live and death situation.

Grey's Anatomy season 5 is on. And i'm waiting for the very slow download to be done before i can see what happened.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

FAQ from the Mr and MRS!

The Official Greetings from
Mr Mohd Zulhelmy and Mrs Dayang Rosli

Frequently asked question no.1:

"So how does it feel being married?"

A: Hmmm....same ol? same ol? Getting married does not mean i've gotten a lobotomy that would effect suddenly turns me into Betty Crocker or some other person totally different.

I rather be asked "how does it feel getting married" before...because it was different everyday. some days i'd be having panic attacks over something not done. some days i felt normal, as normal as i could be anyway. some days i was a complete bridezilla! some days i felt i rather elope. some days i just want to kill everyone.

but...being married? to say i am a lot calmer than i was before, not really..calmer then pre-wedding post-engagement, yes. but no more than how i was before. the only real difference in being married are that i have less money in the bank, i wake up with this dude beside me every morning and having to share my bathroom with him! I'M LIVING WITH A GUY! all those hollywood cliches are no longer just cliche, they are real.

Emotion wise, i am the same as before. maybe a bit more secure in my place in this world by 2% and happier by 5%. Ask me again in 7 years then maybe there would actually be a lot different being married.

Frequently asked question no.2:
(frequently asked "statement")

"So you guys still in the honeymoon period?
I'm sure you guys still in honeymoon period, baru kahwin apa"

A: We had a good fight with tears and all on the 3rd day of marriage. So what honeymoon period? And i am not being sarcastic. We just like that there is no honeymoon period, for us.

With us, there is no

"i love you no matter what, i love you because you are perfect and i will ignore any perfectness that exist (if any) but im sure it wont be a problem because you are my perfect huneybunny, i love you i love you i love you, you're my world, my ocean, my mountain, my river, my sky, my stars my perfect underwear to wear with my fav low rider jeans mushymushymushysmackmyheadiwanttodiefrommushiness"

....we had a good fight on the 3rd day of our marriage, on Kelantan reception, on our honeymoon and on any other days. we are realistic there are things that requires a little getting used to but if one or another really have a problem about something, it will not be swept under the carpet.

Honeymoon period does not exist because...we love each other too much to fall under the unrealistic romantic notion that women does not fart and men does not watch golf at 5am and then try to accept it or ignore it in the first 3 months or so and then let it eats inside. and one fine day it will explode! Rest assure, that the explosion was early on, Dayang is still Dayang, and when the toilet seat remains up, there was drama and there will be more drama. ...but we like it that way.

Frequently asked question no.3:

"So are you pregnant yet?"

A: No and don't count on the baby steps anytime soon.

Zul and I were only friends for the longest time. When we finally got together, or rather when I finally realise we are suppose to be together, it only took 11 months for us to be husband and wife. Most of that time was spent planning for the wedding. which wasnt really about us, really. So we want to enjoy being just the 2 of us for a bit more time....imagine if i have a baby, he would be less likely to start a fight with me kan? coz he would feel guilty hence, no drama. boring.

and Zul need to build up his savings again :P

There is a plan, and we want to follow the plan. Insyaallah. but if God have other plans for us, i let you know. :)

Anyway, you guys lost in the race to give me my first baby present. Iza beat you all to that and its hidden from my mom before she gets any ideas.

So please stop asking. Its getting ackward to answer all those questions.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Perez Made Me Blog Again!

How do you know your government is screwed up? When Its politics gets on Perez Hilton.

And that tidbit amused me so much that it motivated me to just blogging again!

Immediately i said, "I must share this!!!!" while ROFL-ing (thats "rolling on the floor laughing" btw fyi jic).

Please note that the previous post is titled "Martha Steward Likes Big Weiners" ...I'm skipping over the fact that the next post is "A Worthwhile Cost"...but among Perez Hilton's other posting are "Pink Likes Penis, Hates Palin" and "Guess That Camel Toe". You can guess what kind of blog it is can't you? ;)

Just show what a joke our world has become. And by world...i meant in the most microscopic way possible without being too specific. Get me?

So, Hurrah to Perez and that particular piece of political "development"! I'm back. :)