Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy Valentine and My Existing Situation

American Stationery
Dear Zuzu,
My love for you is like a white 2008 antique bike. Your tummy fills my dreams and makes me feel like aku ingin engkau slalu, hadir dan temani aku, disetiap langkah meyakini ku, kau tercipta untukku, sepanjang hidupku. When I first saw you at Ridha's openhouse my insides were like cheese. I cannot live without the knowledge of your "untuk keselamatan diri" coloring my life. I love you more than Brad Pitt and would give up Chanel just to watch you play Tetris for eternity.

Deepest Love,
I created this Valentine's Day mad lib at American Stationery, and you can too!


And then i got stuck doing free personality tests. I thought, if i do as many as i can at one time and the results are nearly the same, there might be some truth. Maybe, im not that naive and i think one of the personality test i took said i am suspicious of everything and well even if i do believe it, dont believe me coz i can biased towards myself (in a good way. hahahaha) Ah well..

Colour Quiz is interesting because its very very quick and you just pick the colours you like the most and then repeat the process after 3 minutes.

ColorQuiz.comDayang took the free personality test!

"Fascinated by the idea of an idealized association..."

Click here to read the rest of the results.

Dayang's Existing Situation

Active, outgoing, and restless. Feels frustrated by the slowness with which events develop along the desired lines. This leads to irritability, changeability, and lack of persistence when pursuing a given objective.Dayang's Stress Sources

Wants freedom to follow her own convictions and principles, to achieve respect as an individual in her own right. Desires to avail herself of every possible opportunity without having to submit to limitations or restrictions.Dayang's Restrained Characteristics

Believes that she is not receiving her share--that she is neither properly understood nor adequately appreciated. Feels that she is being compelled to conform, and close relationships leave her without any sense of emotional involvement.Dayang's Desired Objective

Fascinated by the idea of an idealized association of tenderness and mutual enchantment. Embarrassed by the thought of allowing this to appear openly, and so employs cautious exploratory tactics in the pursuit of this objective, making sure that she is neither irrevocably committed nor found out.Dayang's Actual Problem

Fears that her independence will be threatened or severely restricted unless she protects herself from outside influence. Does not want to be bothered.Dayang's Actual Problem #2

The unsatisfied desire to be respected, to stand out from amongst her friends, is causing some anxiety. As a result, normal gregariousness is suppressed and she refuses to allow herself to become involved, or to participate with others in their ordinary activities.

Personal DNA is fun! takes longer time to do. Perhaps the most interesting and maybe more accurate coz they ask a lot of question but because there is a lot of sliding actions (try it!), its fun and i didnt get bored answering. and....i can put my results on facebook! hahahaha OH YEAH BABEH! lets do this. and theres a psych you, psych me! thingamajing where you can ask you friends to assess your personality and then you can compare how you view yourself and how others view you ...kinda...thingy...

My personalDNA Report

about you

You are an Artist

Your appreciation of beauty, ability to think abstractly, and innovativeness make you an ARTIST.

Never one to be tied to a particular way of doing things, you let your imagination guide you in discovering different possibilities.

You would rather seek out new experiences than stick to your everyday habits, taking in as much of the world as possible.

Your eye for beauty and your willingness to consider different perspectives make your creative efforts interesting—even though you may not realize this yourself.

You prefer to think about things before voicing your opinion, considering a wide, diverse range of options.

While there are forms and styles that you prefer, you tend to keep an open mind when it comes to your artistic preferences.

You are curious about things, interested in the "why" more than the “how.”

You have an active imagination that leads you express yourself in a distinct way.

If you want to be different:

Be more open to risks in your creative efforts, and don't be quick to dismiss the praise of others.

Think about how attention to detail may help you be more sure of yourself.

how you relate to others

You are Considerate

You trust others, care about them, and are slow to judge them, making you CONSIDERATE.

You value your close relationships very much, and are more likely to spend time in small, tightly-knit groups of friends than in large crowds.

You enjoy exploring the world through observation, quietly watching others.

Relating to others so well, and understanding their emotions, leads you to trust people in general, even though you're somewhat shy and reserved at times.

Your belief that people are generally well-intentioned contributes to your sympathy regarding their problems.

Although you may not vocalize it often, you have an awareness of how society affects individuals, and you understand complex causes of people's behavior.

You like to look at all sides of a situation before making a judgment, particularly when that situation involves important things in other people's lives.

Your close friends know you as a good listener.

If you want to be different:

Because other people would benefit immensely from your understanding and insight, you should try to be more outgoing in social situations, even when they make you uncomfortable. Others will want to hear what you have to say!

This chart shows thirteen personality traits. Each bar indicates the percentage of test takers who entered a lower value for that trait than you did. For example, if Confidence is at 80, that means that 80% of people entered lower values for confidence questions than you did. Based on a sample of 30,000 users. Click here to learn more about the traits.

Low High
Low High
Low High
Low High
Trust in others
Low High
Low High
Low High
Low High
Low High
Attention to style
Low High
Low High
Imaginative Earthy
Functional Aesthetic

Third test i did was the Myers-Briggs' MMDI ( 'Mental Muscle Diagram Indicator' ) test.
Upon completion, i remember i did this in one of my psychology classes. Cant remember the results now but i remember doing it...because to analyse the results is complicated. Very complicated. ... and its happening again. what the....?! Dont do this at i am.

From this table, you can see that the two highest scoring types are INFP and INFJ. This doesn't rule out the other types. But those are the two that are closest when we 'pattern match' your questionnaire results with each of the 16 personality types

Differences between INFP and INFJ

It may help you work out your type if we compare the similarities and differences between INFP and INFJ.

One important thing to look at is which preferences 'dominate' the personality. Carl Jung and Isabel Briggs Myers said there is a 'dominant function'. What this means, in simple terms, is that two of the letters in the type code are much more important than the others.

For people with INFP preferences, the most important letters are I and F. For people with INFJ preferences, the most important letters are I and N. This means that there is a very important difference between INFP and INFJ. The letters in the type code that are particularly important for them are different, or they have different 'dominant functions'.

The Dominant Function

For INFP the most important preferences are Introverted Feeling. Your 'dominant function' is Feeling, oriented towards the inner world. This means you give importance to particular thoughts, ideas, or beliefs. You are value driven, and you often bring a sense of priority that is derived from your strong convictions. You seize upon and emphasise ideas or thoughts that have the greatest import, bringing them to the fore and stressing their significance. You assess the inherent value or importance of new ideas and beliefs, focusing on those about which you feel most strongly.

For INFJ, however, the most important preferences are Introverted Intuitiion. Your 'dominant function' is Intuition, oriented towards the inner world. You use your imagination to create new and different ideas and perspectives. You observe the world around you, and use your imagination to consider what you have observed from a number of different perspectives. You dream up new ideas and insights, often producing radical solutions to problems. You have a long term vision, and demonstrate an apparent understanding of what (as far as other people are concerned) cannot be clearly known.

Sigh...i blanked out at the difference of I and F, and I and N....So i went back to really stupid (and easy! and fun!) tests. Like this one, i did in 2 mins coz i think im getting bored with these tests.

Its from the appropriately named

Your personality analysis based on this drawing:
You have a fragile ego.

Aha. i think im done with that little house on the prairie sketch.

Feel free to comment. coz i dont think i can comment on myself anymore nor do i have to, i have all these computer magic to do it for me!

Where there are lotus, there is life

We were on the way to do some last minute relaxation and photo session on the grounds of Angkor Wat for sunset when i saw this lady in the moat. Quickly realising what she's doing, i ran off without telling Maya and Tech my destination. I could hear from the distance Tech exclaiming "Dia pegi mana pulak tuuuu?!!" and i was hoping, kneeling by the moat, hop some more, run a bit by the edges hoping i wont slip and fall into the water and hop and knell and taking around 30 photos of the lady. I must have been a sight. Sometimes, there's just no time to explain things especially when the lady was moving, the sun was disappearing fast and we still had to walk 15 mins into Angkor Wat's internal compound for our preferred seating.

The lotus pond was on the left side of Angkor Wat and it is actually a better place to take photos of Angkor Wat reflection in the water or silhouette than the pond on the right. Note taken for future trip there. Had no chance to change spot because i was actually on the way back from the toilet on the left side and Maya and Tech sudah berkampung on the right.

Had to do some post editing with this one...the was a load of sh!t on the ground (pardon my french) and it just wont do. Lots of shitty puns were said during editing.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Two down, four to go.

Congratulations darling, you are now a Puan.
Tears in her eyes right after Upacara Batal Air Sembahyang

Iza's mother taking a peek

It was a comment by her mother to one of her relative that made me think, she said

"Diorang ni dari darjah satu lagi kenal, kawan-kawan lama Jaja, dah nak kahwin dah sumer ni",

"Wow. She's pretty"

Wow. we have known each other for a loooooooong time and ALL of us are getting married this year (minus 1 of course who couldnt wait and got married 2 years before). The geng, is getting married and iza was the first for the year 2008.

I became the impromptu photographer since there wasnt a photographer in sight when i arrived and when when they did come, they didnt stick around in the room for long but instead did whatever they did downstairs...only once they pass their photos to iza will we discover why they went MIA from the bride's presence when she was getting ready. (*Dayang not happy about them). But heiii, them not being in the room gave more space for me to practice my stuff, and so i did. PPPffhhhtttttttt to them!

More photos are on facebook album. Coz there are ALOT!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Sayang oh sayang

Photos with my Sayang taken by Lingling with his...*collective gasp!* iPhone.

He likes this one for some strange reason. I think its the "Private Carpark" sign. read the meaning behind it yourself.

I hold the camera differently for vertical shot than Lingling. Somehow. Thats how we know who took which vertical shot whenever we review photos. Mine would be 90degree off to the left, his will be 90degree off to the right.

Longkang. Something was in it. Worried expression have a lot to do with the cars passing by the very narrow alley.

As i said again and again, it doesnt matter if you have a dslr for pro or for beginner like me, or a simple point and click camera or a PHONE CAMERA, if you have the right perspective, the right eye and the willingness to climb trees, stand on an unstable pile of rock, get wet or/and lie down in a longkang, you will take an interesting shot.

Or balancing on a VERY HIGH ledge taking an upward shot.

Or making your taxi driver stop suddenly and crossing roads to chase elephants.

It all comes down to: will you or won't you?

And another way to take good photos, follow a crazy enthusiastic girl with a big ass camera and you get interesting shots of her doing everything she can to take a photo.