Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Obat Herba Cap Ayam, BERKESAN!

Belilah Obat Herba Cap Ayam sesuai untuk mereka yang berumur dan inginkan rambut hitam pekat melekat ikal mayang berseluar yankee berkaki ayam. Belilah ini obat. Dijamin berkesan! Kalau tak jadi melompat!

You all know my dad, but now...see this!
The new spokesperson for Obat Herba Cap Ayam.

Yesterday once more

Instant hair in one day! The new Samy Vellu? or Lim Kok Wing? atau Donald Trump?

Anda menjadi saksi!

Belilah Obat Herba Cap Ayam untuk lambut lebat hitam pekat melekat seperti yesterday once more.

Dapatkan segera sebelum terlambaaattt!!!

hubungi 012-34567890 (Ahmad Albab) untuk menjadi stokis

A word

A word,
can bring forth magic,
but devoid of music,
gives birth to pain.

A shortie to sort my thoughts.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

There's a new baby in the house

not like there are no news.

not like there are no interesting news.
not like i will die not typing them.
and not like you will die not reading them.
...ive been...busy doing everything else. everything else but this.

but i have a phoootoooo!

hup hup rah rah to the new member of the family, the baby that makes zul very very afraid for some strange reason, MILO!

Milo was a stray cat that followed us home one night. we tried to look for his mama but no traces of her were left. it was just him by the elevator. he followed us into the elevator and exited when we did, followed zul as he walk to the door. and so we let him in. he was mewing and mewing but we had nothing to feed him with except plain water. his housemate woke up from his slumber to look at the little noise maker and remarked he saw a full grown cat with the same markings as Milo. But we wasnt sure what to do yet.

Milo would climb on anyones lap to get a little warmth and a cuddle. seeing he was a bit smelly cat, we covered him in zul's old kain pelikat and only then place him on our lap alternately, so that our proximity and body warmth would make him relax and basically, force him to sleep! and after a while, he did slept Thats when we decided if we can find the mom, we will leave him with her, but if we cant..then we take him home, as in MY home. but by then, i knew i cant part from this skinny rat even if we found the mom, i was secretly hoping we wont find her. a skinny little kitten that is affectionate to human beings, is not easy to find.

...we didnt find the mom (honestly, we didnt look very hard). so he was ours. we threw a bunch of names to him. from Rat to Dog, from Busuk to Mengada, from Mahathir to Micheal, and finally my little brother said...lets call him Milo and make my maid go crazy whenever we call him because she gets confused...

are we calling Milo or asking for a cup of Milo?

....we get confused too...but just wait till next month...when we get another kitten, going to be called...Coffee.

Milo and Coffee. the two favourite words in the house :)

ps: milo is no longer a skinny little rat after a week in the house. he is now a fat buncit little rat.

pps: second day Milo was in the house and still in confinement in my room, my dad knocked on my door at 7 am and asked "where's milo?" i was wondering whhhyyyyyy and answered "under my bed probably", he looked for milo and said "bye bye milo" and stroked his head for a bit "nanti papa jumpa balik". and my dad put milo back in his Ikea bed and left the room. ... ...that was it.

i later found out my dad left for Labuan that morning. he said goodbye to Milo but not his daughter. :o

ppps: my mom is now calling for milo. MY MOTHER THE ANTI-CAT IS CALLING FOR MILO TO COME TO HER!!! you know how shocking this is?! ....oh wait...shes talking to him. "Milo sleep! sleep milo!"....and now shes ....dodoi-ing milo! ..."doidoidoi....doidoidoi...." is calling for milo and dodoi-ing him! .........


i am quite in shock and will investigate this strange phenomenon. maybe the name Mengada is suitable for him after all.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Engagement Photusss

Haaaaa finally Shafiq Akmal of Candid Syndrome posted the photos from my engagement.

Unfortunately, Lingling and i kinda forgotten to bug him about setting an appointment to select photos for the album. Lambat lagi la nak dapat gambere dalam album nampaknye. But my family and my mom's friends are placated by the photos from my unofficial photogs, the delicious threesome, Shahran, Hendra and Kjell, and the fact that i've printed their (the fam and frens) photos is even better because they wanted something tactile to hold, to prove their photo were taken. Somehow, a photo in their inbox and in a slideshow wasnt enough to satisfy their hunger.

Shafiq Akmal of Candid Syndrome
The official photographer
(ie: the PAID photographer)

The Delicious Threesome
Hendra, Kjell and Shahran Ali
The pro bono photographers

The Delicious Threesome selected photos are available here (Engagement album I)
and here (Engagement album II)
(i need to add new photos with more family members faces in album II since i just figured out how to let non facebook users have access to album. hehe.)

Having four (five if we were to include the assistant) photographers at my engagement was definitely something i am extremely grateful for as they all had their own personal eye and style to photography and they covered the event from every possible aspect. My family have always been particular about wedding photos. One of the criteria for a job well done is, their faces are in the photos. Very very important. And having had 5 photogs! that was well covered. If one didnt catch Mak Teh arranging the hantaran, someone else will, and did.

A hint to give to relatives that hardly ever get their photos taken at important events, ask them to wear sunnies (sunglasses) indoor and outdoor. Confirm there would be at least one photo focused on him/her and they will be happy and they will not criticise your choice of photographer(s) ever again. Case in point in wearing sunnies in door makes you popular to photographer, my uncle who just had his eyes lasered, Pak E.

Every one of my photographers have him focused at least once. If your relative feels silly wearing sunnies indoor, ask them to stand or sit next to someone who doesnt feel silly doing so, or had valid reason not to feel silly. Or ask them to wear sunnies still and if anyone ask them why, tell them to answer "i just had them lasered, dahling!", so it wont be silly. Lying but not silly.