Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Facebook applications and me

I'm on "adding-whatever-Facebook-applications-people-request-me-to-join" mood.

So far i've added Pink Ribbon cause, Petrolhead, Sketch Me, Love Ice Cream dan macam-macam lagi. Ah Facebook applications, "cornucopia of uselessness" as quoted in Valleywag, a tech blog i do not read but so happened it was quoted on wikipidea :P

Usually i just let the applications invites pile up and one boring day pick the one i think interesting and ignore the rest. MOST of the time, Lingling would just click "ignore.ignore.ignore.ignore.ignore.ignore" for me because he just cant stand to see all the applications request on my Facebook page.

and of course there is me trying to get hold of the mouse and stop his "ignore.ignore.ignore" clicking to MY invites and with me constantly telling him

"i wanted to check that out later!" and "but the same invites will pile up again anyway! might as well keep them there so i won't have to keep ignoring them" and then of course he would say

"then ignore la before they pile up" ,

"but i dont want to add them now but i might want to check them out on a later date"

which he will retort,
"you will get the same invite back later WHEN you actually want to check them out"

"but i might not get the invites back"

And he will keep on clicking "ignore.ignore.ignore.ignore"

he's right by the way. you are 99% more likely to get the same applications invites over and over again until you have added the application (not statistically proven, no quantifiable research were done whatsoever). And the invites will never stop. Not when there are more than 6 500 Facebook applications as of 24 October 2007. (thanks wiki for that ever useful and positive information!)

Monday, October 29, 2007

Itsh Combining Indeed

[Warning! the following post might render you mindless and possible multiple murder attempts on writer... if not on innocent public]

My inggerish, is not perfect. it can at times, much turvy-topsy-tipsy. but strangely enough, one of my petpeevish are wrong grammar usage and my top obsesion when i am not sure of sumthing, like spelling, i imediately check the dictionary and thicksaurus weather online or my ever relyable oxford 'ever-present-pyhsical' edition.

On the last friday, i was surfing the internet while Lingling chat-chat to me on msn.

I than spooted this phrase:

Web resolution has been compress to accomodate the loading speed at average users. Excuse for the low-quality preview.
Can you spooted the mistakens?

Lingling was saying something else but all i can think about were that phrase. So i ended up giving lecture to Lingling about the mistakens make (even when it not his fault at all!), did corrections to the phrase and ask Lingling to tell the owner of the site to correct that glaring mistakens of his! needless to said, my confident in his business went down. And that was for mat saleh client lagi. Where to put face?

And then, i were surfing summore, found this:

This gallery pictures has been compressed for faster downloading. Please excuse the lower quality preview
Aiyoh, confirm cut plus paste, edit edit a bit but STILL edit wrongly.

Among the mistakens was, the use of "Excuse". Hokey, what with Malaysian with this word?
At least the second one had "Please" before they excuse, and their compress has "ed". But i have major problem with that "Excuse". Please excuse my sudden lapse to proper English but i can't stand it much longer! why couldn't they just use "We apologize" instead? is it not more suitable for formal usage? Excuse me for pointing this out and i do apologize for this in advance, but to those that uses "Excuse, excuse" whenever they need to make way for themselves instead of the proper "Excuse me", why is it so hard to add the ME! Ignorance or doing monkey hear, monkey repeat is not an excuse. Laziness to say "me" after "excuse", is inexcusable.

But most importantly, furthermore, henceforth and so on, if you want to cut plus paste then edit, please make sure to edit it correctly.

Hokey, brain go kaput! after anger-anger.

I think the sama day or day before, we read a very failed form 2 inggerish compostion. she wrote inggerish-melayu-inggerish-melayu. actually like is how i wrote here, but betul, tak tipu and morest worsen. her teacher commented was simple, "English Please!". Our commented was even simplest "Lawak HAHAHA". We means because we thinks our inggerish top-top! We ahso perasan we pandai.

(We obviously nope. Ps: smile always! bye!)

By the jalan ah LingLing, its "Sapphire", not "Saphire". I said i KNEW it "Sapphire" coz "Saphire" looks weird once writen, and i know it had sillent 'P'. You iPhone dictionary takleh harap! nyeeett. Mahal = no guranminumtea jalan.

[Trust me, i was trying very hard not to knock myself on the head while attempting to be grammaticality incorrect as much as possible and intentionally misspelling anything i can while making things readable. And if i happened to misspelled something UNintentionally, even the better for this posting *GRIN* Hope it annoyed you guys as much as i annoyed myself]

To go crazy and anal retentive like me, visit:
but to go even crazier and maximise the possibilities of you driving all your friends crazy once you start analysing every single thing said and/or written by them, just type
english grammar rules on

Pps: Combining in post title refers to a previous real life conversation when someone (not writer) was looking for a word that started with a C "that C word lah!" and settled with "Very combining wan!" that was discovered later to be "Very Confusing indeed".

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

...katak what?

Today, at my brother's bbq in the backyard, i ate Katak Puru.

That day was Rat's Poo, today its Katak Puru.

It wasn't your typical garden variety katak, but it hopped all the way from Ketereh, Kelantan. Zul's favourite for some strange reason and he bought some for me to try and try i did.

Needless to say, it didn't taste that good to me. Lots of yucky faces when the girls tried it but when my brother and his (male) friend, they liked it. Must be a guy's thing.

Guy's will eat the weirdest stuff. and they say girls have cooties. Apalah!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

but it's rat's poo!

"Why are you eating rat's poos?!"

would be the question posed to myself ...if i didn't know what the hell i was goobling up.

i'm talking about 'Pil 'Chi-Kit' Teck Aun' that my uncle (the provider of the 3G Broadband device i am using) bought by the dozens. It is not funny when you're in a house with the current occupancy rate of more and less 30 people, and majority of them have severe stomachache and theres only one, uno, single toilet. saying "emergency!" does not guarantee a privileged spot in the queue because nearly everyone is having their 'emergencies'. So comes the Rat's Poo pills.

i don't know why they make it look like rat's poos and expect people not to have reservations in swallowing them. i have no problems swallowing pills ( i have problems with the syrupy types medicines), but for this, suffice to say it was in my mouth moving around a bit longer than usual before i could make every single 2 mm in diameters of the 20-30 pills go down my throat. Not only they look like rat poos, there were many many rat poos.

why can't they make them look much more attractive? buat la bentuk bunga ke, bentuk cam binatang-binatang ke? remember those animal shaped vitamins we used or maybe some of us still take?

"today i want to eat tiger!"
"today i want to be a giraffe, so let me eat a giraffe!"

but no, they made it look like rat's poos.

However, every cloud has its silver lining.

I am left alone at the house while everyone, EVERYONE else is at my uncle's house farfar away beraya-ing. I had the option not to go because i don't want to cry "emergency!" every 30mins or so during the journey and the possibilities of 'doing the big one' at a stranger's toilet is not attractive to the bowels. Not that my uncle is a stranger, but his toilet is. I'm not acquainted with his toilet, so that just won't do.

Not complaining.

I am left alone with the Astro's remote and a laptop with 3G Broadband access. :)

As I type this, I am quietly sitting at the outside dining/lounge area, enjoying the view of the river a mere 3 meters away, the soft breeze passing by signalling the coming of rain and cup of hot tea by my side.


The only thing missing is shisha. haha

This has been one of the most significant and meaningful Raya celebrated. Next year will be a different one for sure.

To my friends during the bad times, thank you for being there for me, if not physically, certainly within your thoughts and good wishes. Maaf Zahir dan Batin for the times i have hurt you with my ways and words that were unintentionally said and done. Forgive me for my selfish behaviours that i have shown, especially when i needed attention during that certain period in my life.

InsyaAllah there will be no more of that.

InsyaAllah there will be no more rat's poo to eat too. but i rather doubt that last one.

Selamat Hari Raya

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri from Bakar Bata, Alor Setar Kedah.

My uncle the ever useful reporter have a 3G Broadband connector by vodafone-celcom sponsored by Bernama. It has so far become public property to Mak Bashah family with a queue to use the ever-so-canggih! device to access the broadband.

Not like we here can't live without the internet for several short days at kampung (theres astro to the rescue!!! totally a different story without astro) but with this new technology, why not we not live with it.

Anyway, due to the time limit imposed on the users of the singular laptop that have this device thingymajig connected to it, i have to make this entry short. and i really can't think much with everyone passing by (public) laptop having a read past my shoulder of what im typing. Despite that, i just needed to type something in...coz i have broadband...why not eh?

So toodles and selamat hari raya.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Happy Eid

Selamat Hari Raya guys.
To those driving to their respective kampungs, drive safely and drink coffee!

To those celebrating in KL, stay safe and don't lie in the middle of KL roads.

Beach lizard!

I'm bored.
I just want to post pictures.
Pictures i didn't want to even go through before because the folder they were in and the time they were taken.
But yesterday i was going through facebook's photo contest of the day, and the theme for that day was "romance" and i remembered a photo i took which i like. So here it is. tadaaah
and oh the lizard. tadaaah!

@Tioman Island, June 2007

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Just Dance!

When you think about prison inmates, the words that would first come to mind to describe them are macho, tough, gang members, tattoos bearing hardcore criminals, sexual deviants, drugs, and even Micheal Scofield from Prison Break (yummylicious Scofield...hmmmmmmm).

Yes, they might be any of those if not all of those things describe and more, but you tend to forget that they are still humans with the need to have fun and have the ability to ...DANCE!

(click on arrows to move between videos: Clips included are CPDRC's latest routine Rico Mambo, BEP's Beebo march and Thriller)

Though we tend to laugh while watching these clips, you can't help but wonder the reason why behind it. A new form of torture? as personal entertainment slaves of the prison management, namely Byron Garcia, Cebu Security Adviser, the brain behind the dancing prisoners? Some YouTube's viewers are claiming to be so. I can't claim otherwise, nor likewise. Neither will i state my opinion on something i don't much about.

In my opinion, it encourages discipline and camaraderie for the inmates. I (touch wood) never been IN a prison before but based on the documentaries I've watched on Discovery, movies I've watched, and articles and books I've read, it must be boring and mind numbing with repetitive activities and closed spaces with strong psychological reasonings behind it.

In Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Centre (CPDRC), the dancing are actually part of their physical fitness regime. Not only it made exercise enjoyable, it has other behavioral effects on the inmates as well. It was claimed that since this form of exercise was introduced, violence between inmates and guards have minimised drastically and so have gang cultures. It sure is a way for the inmates to have a little bit of fun (even if they were forced to dance if they are not the elderly or infirm), enjoy themselves once in awhile and make a break away (pardon the pun) from the norm of prison life.

I do hope that is the case. and some inmates really have become dancers once they have rehabilitated and allowed once again to be outside the walls of CPDRC.

Hmm back to the videos!
And finally, the video that made me laugh non-stop while watching it: The Algorithm March.

(Videos included are CPDRC's World Record Breaker Algorithm March and Algorithm March by the original performers Itsumo Kokokara for Pitagora Suitchi)

The Algorithm March was not intended to by funny, it is (believe it or not) just another way to demonstrate one of the basics of mathematics fundamental principle to Japanese children. Trust Japanese shows to come out with hilarious (AND educational) dance moves that would be copied all over the world and danced by hardcore prisoners.

A couple of the simplest definitions of Algorithm are as followed

al·go·rithm Pronunciation: \ˈal-gə-ˌri-thəm\

Etymology:alteration of Middle English algorisme, from Old French & Medieval Latin; Old French, from Medieval Latin algorismus, from Arabic al-khuwārizmi, from al-Khwārizmī fl a.d. 825 Islamic mathematician

1. "a procedure for solving a mathematical problem (as of finding the greatest common divisor) in a finite number of steps that frequently involves repetition of an operation; broadly : a step-by-step procedure for solving a problem or accomplishing some end especially by a computer (Merriam-Webster)"

2. "No human being can write fast enough, or long enough, or small enough to list all members of an enumerably infinite set by writing out their names, one after another, in some notation. But humans can do something equally useful, in the case of certain enumerably infinite sets: They can give explicit instructions for determining the nth member of the set, for arbitrary finite n. Such instructions are to be given quite explicitly, in a form in which they could be followed by a computing machine, or by a human who is capable of carrying out only very elementary operations on symbols" (Boolos and Jeffrey (1974, 1999), p. 19).

Aha....very simple indeed.

And if you're crazy enough to know more about Algorithm (and its definition) just go here and well, knock yourself out cold


you could take the definition from the Algorithm March and its demonstration by those Japanese to understand what it is all about.

3. "The exercises (id) from Algorithm Exercises are developed. Lines of more than 2 people are formed, and they begin moving canon style one at a time. The movements of the first and last person become connected." (Wikipedia)

The Algorithm March was designed for Pitagora Suitchi (Pythagoras Switch) an educational Japanese children's TV show on NHK Educational Channel and originally performed by Japan's comedic duo Itsumo Koko Kara .

What have been done by Pitagora Suitchi and CPDRC's prison management are examples of serious out of the box thinking to make mathematics interesting to children and adults alike and a way to install discipline, teamwork and to implement a healthy exercise regime, yet fun for prison inmates.

After writing the main essence of this blog, i found the Al-Jazeera's and CNN's reports and BBC's article on the dancing CPDRC's inmates on YouTube.

(Videos included are from Al-Jazeera and CNN)

My guesses were right, Vince Rosales, the choreographer was scared shitless by the thought of teaching hardcore inmates dancing in sync with the music and he was initially thrown slippers by inmates who...well..probably dancing is too gay and would like to retain their macho-ness. Hell, if i were a guy i still wouldn't pick a fight with any of the inmates in there even if they do dance to YMCA.

Excuse me ... i have the strong urge to dance with ninjas and prisoners in Cebu so i must learn this dance.

"take one step forward and reach forward
take one step forward and you're a better person...dududu"

Monday, October 8, 2007

Just what we need, another shopping mall

Ramadhan = fasting
Fasting = Near Syawal
Syawal = need for new clothes
New clothes = shopping
Shopping = shopping malls
Shopping malls = Pavilion

Who haven't read about it?
(Elaine wrote a whatchamacallit just in case you don't know what Pavilion is and been living under a rock for the past couple of months)

Who haven't passed by it while driving on Jalan Bukit Bintang?
(I just did today...reminded me of QV and Federation Square in Melbourne. but somehow, i also saw, juxtaposed on it was our grand old school with its green lawn and lush palm trees)

Who havent been there?
(Me because i'm scared i just might take a chalk and start drawing Office Block and Clinic Block front facades on the grey-polished-uberposh-boring-like-everyotherbuildinginKL-wall/windows facing Jalan Bukit Bintang)

Who is with me?


Saturday, October 6, 2007

Samsons - Dengan Nafasmu

Mrs Aliza, you shattered my eardrums in Ikea.

"EXCUSE ME?!!! DID I JUST HEARD YOU SAID 'YANG'??!!!" screamed Liz in her high pitched
voice through the phone.

Whenever she uses that tone, i know better than to respond with the same tone as her volume would only increases, and thats bad for your eardrums. So i meekly responded "eerrmmm hermmmm ermmmm aah ermm (why the hell didnt i just say i accidentally called the last part of my own name instead!)" but not before long, she continued with what she was saying before i dropped the mini bombshell on her. selamatttt...

Hehe but it was still the quote of the day for us :)

Several hours before my eardrums were shattered by Mrs Aliza, we attended His company's breaking fast event and there was karaoke! Well....there was karaoke without the mike and Samsons's songs were the only one played, much to his dismay because a number of Samsons's songs used to be my sad anthem songs. However, the last song that was played was Dengan Nafasmu.

Jadi dengan suka-suki-hatiku. Ku letak video karaoke Samsons-Dengan Nafasmu disini. why? because i want to and because i can.

Friday, October 5, 2007

HTML for dummies

I think i've been spending hours upon hours trying to figure out which font is the best and what colours i want my blog to be.

it was pink...i went for pink...can you believe i went for pink?!

i couldn't believe I WENT FOR PINK!

hence, you don't see any more pink on this screen.'re colourblind. then i cant help you.

now, i'm trying to remember my self-taught html lesson long time ago. im just showing my age and the fact my memory sucks. this is gonna take more than a couple of hours that i originally thought. i think i need to get (free!) professional help from those that actually do this day and night and day and night and danight.


This could work better if i actually told people i have a new blog and they can read my plea for help.

Redirection from old blog has yet to be completed. Another case of procrastination perhaps? perhaps.

YETTA! i managed to figure out html! im a genious! now how do i add that previous posting kethingy....hmmmm

Thursday, October 4, 2007

A new beginning, same ol ramblings

Oh hei, hi, how you doing?
Found me here haven't you?
Am I familiar? maybe..maybe not...
So, hi for the first time or hei, hi! again.

Reasons why I'm here, again, on Blogger.

  1. I got bored of Friendster's template (and i'm not bothered to mess around with the html because knowing me, i will really mess it up good until i can't even read what i wrote)
  2. I got bored of Friendster.
  3. Time to move on from Friendster.
  4. I needed a fresh start...from everything.
  5. Blogger let me post Youtube videos! i have to admit, thats the most important reason why I'm here! :)

Not that i never wanted to do it here in the first place, but procrastinating is really evil you know. Plus, I'm the sentimental and loyal type. Hard to let go of a good thing that served me well in the past. However, i must move on, proceed with something new, break the habit and Friendster's blog really was giving me a writer's block.

But if you wonder what i rambled on and on and on before this, please do visit my old blog.

[i really would say dont bother but it might help you fall asleep, become depressed or happy cause your life is much better than mine (you sadists!), laugh at my stupid jokes and life anecdotes or simply laugh at me, or you are just plain bored and needed something to read]

I was thinking on what to write as my first posting here, so i referred back to my first posting on Friendster. Nak cari inspirasi lah konon.
Being the very first posting, i reckon i should explain to why i'm here in the first place?
Truthfully, im not a diary person, neither am i a journal person. But everytime i would login on Friendster, i find myself editing 'about me' to express how i was, how i am, how i possibly will be in the near future. Because that's who i am, constantly changing, constantly thinking, constantly rambling...might as well have a forum to express my feelings rather than talking to myself.

Suprisingly, i'm also a private person. unintentionally private person if such exist. Perhaps the word im searching for is: shy. i am shy, i want to speak but i cant, the words would twist my tongue, i want to make my opinions known but i end up thinking noone will stop and listen to me. At the very least, i know my thoughts are known and expressed. Even if its only to one.

Finally, because someone said, "just get a fcuking blog page!". It's a long time coming... welcome to my experimental ramblings

Yada yada yada...

to express how i was, how i am, how i possibly will be in the near future. Because that's who i am, constantly changing, constantly thinking, constantly rambling...might as well have a forum to express my feelings rather than talking to myself.

That summed it up pretty well.

Well, that still remains the main reason why i blog. somehow talking to myself and the car steering wheel and the random cats that passed by my house and to the ciggy just wont do. You get weird stares coming from them.....and oh yeah from people too, especially when you talk to yourself (or to the steering wheel or the radio or both) in the car, stuck in traffic. i say its better than picking your nose like there are no windows on your car!

So yeah, reason why i blog...feels better than talking to myself out loud (it wont stop me, but it minimises the chances).