Friday, October 24, 2008

wishing for the office

" I should have gone back to the office. I should" that is what im thinking at 4pm while having my very very late lunch alone at the apartment on a friday, a day ahead of a long long weekend. ITS A BAD THOUGHT TO HAVE ON A FRIDAY BEFORE A LONG WEEKEND! but that's the thought im having because I am dead bored waiting for zul to pick me up. so bored that I am blogging from my mobile. that just show how bored I am. actually to be wishing that I am back in the office show how bored I am. but think of how much work I could accomplish if I were back in the office. so much work that I woukd actually be bored in the office on tuesday with no work to do. ...not to say I have no work. but I tend to do them quicker than the average office worker ie org gomen that it seems I have no work except sipping coffee at starbucks while everyone slowly trunches thru their paperwork. I really should try to slow down my efficiency, at least I be on the same timetable as the rest of the people whose efficiency I have to rely upon to get my own work done. sip coffee. slowly. that's what I should do more. you see, most of my scope involves the smooth processing of the company's invoices. talk with clients, deruffles some feathers and issues. talk with engineers to find out the problems faced with a particular invoice. talk with finance to see we are meeting the objectives. I work around these people schedule a lot. and most of them are...well....have a different timetable than I do. so I really have to slow down. but here I am, sipping my second iced water after my coffee trying to delay my work flow to match the rest of the world and yet, wishing I am at the office. I am a sad sad person. bored and sad due to my efficiency. gak!

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