Sunday, January 11, 2009

Poor Doggie

As I spend another day in New York time (mind you, only the time, havent been to NYC since puberty...or slightly after), i found this that breaks all kind of rules (maybe even laws).

  1. Wearing fur is wrong. You are liable to be covered with red paint. I do not condone wearing a dead animal on your body. But what is PETA say on having a living animal on you?
  2. Dogs are amongst God's creatures that have four legs and the ability to run. I know this little dog looks more like a stuffed animal with its cute face and short stubby legs, but I've seen the same spesies chase a kid. So i know this one is able to run, fast! Unless, it really is a stuffed animal that is being taken for a jog. ...which is...weird..too.
  3. Anyone who knows anyone who knows the rules of fashion knows that fanny-pack is bad. B.A.D = NO. Dont do it. No matter what you have to carry.

Photo from shefinds

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