Sunday, January 11, 2009


Happy New Year! its still early January, can still wish! now to the nitty gritty.

I have a habit of randomly pulling a hair or two. Not just any hair but rambut gatal

In english, its roughly translated into itchy hair. Actually, i dont know what the hell it is in english. All i know they (they = the English) calls the habit Trichotillomania (i had to Google that to get the spelling right because come on! i'm sure no one can get the spelling right without references or a spellcheck!).

Now i'm not sure picking out rambut gatal or a grey hair or two can be diagnose as having tricho-itsmathing, plus i dont have obvious bald spots, do it unconsciously and pull healthy hairs out. Its those persistent itchy spot that have this really-really rough-i-kid-you-not-frizzy-to-death-coarse hair that drives me crazy.

Problem is, to get to this single hair out of the many hundreds that reside at one spot of your hair, you kinda tenda accidentallya pulls out more than the necessary amount of healthy hair out. coz your deria-rasa at your fingertips turns weird, and everything feels coarse. When THAT happens a bit too much and too long, it turns into tricho-thingymajing.

Now what got me blogging after a long sabbatical?

I found a bona-fide rambut gatal that fits into all description of rambut gatal, was the mother of all rambut gatal! It was extra extra coarse, has Nicole Kidman's pre-dryblowing and product curl on my wavy hair has split end.

Told ya its the mother of rambut gatal.

Zul still havent recovered from my trip to the hair salon less than a month ago, dare he allow for a before scheduled appointment?

THAT made me blog again. until my next sabbatical that is.


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